April 20, 2024



The Paranormal and Out of This World Experiences of RAF Commander Victor Goddard

War History Online

Mar 22, 2024

By Todd Neikirk

Those who participated in the World Wars saw and experienced things they could never have imagined. Victor Goddard, a member of the Royal Air Force who served England in both conflicts, saw more than most, and some of it couldn’t be explained away by science.

Here is the tale of his ghostly wartime experiences.

Victor Goddard’s early life and military career
Victor Goddard grew up the son of a wealthy doctor. He always seemed destined for a military career, attending the Royal Naval Colleges at Osborne and Dartmouth. While he first served as a midshipman during World War I, he later moved to the Royal Naval Air Service. Toward the latter part of the conflict, Goddard flew reconnaissance missions over the Somme.

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