April 17, 2024



The quest to live FOREVER: It sounds mad, narcissistic and utterly unrealistic, but tech tycoon Bryan Johnson ….

Daily Mail News UK

There is something otherworldly about Bryan Johnson. His skin is luminous and taut, his eyes unnaturally bright as he stares intently at me.

Transfixed, I search for a wrinkle, blemish or flaw – but there are none. Unbelievably, this eerie perfection is not down to Botoxfillers or the skill of a surgeon’s scalpel.

At 45, Bryan, a tech mogul who sold his business Braintree Venmo to PayPal for $800 million (then £492 million) almost ten years ago, is spending an astonishing $2 million (£1.6 million) a year in his quest for eternal youth, dubbed ‘Project Blueprint’.

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