December 8, 2023



The Sinister Plan to “Force-Vaccinate” You: Nanoparticle Air Vax Unveiled

AMG – American Media Group

By Medeea Greere

November 6, 2023

In an alarming revelation, researchers from Yale University are pioneering a new method of vaccination that could change the face of immunization as we know it. Dubbed the “Air Vax,” this technology delivers mRNA into the human body through aerosolized nanoparticles, eliminating the need for needles and syringes. While it may sound like science fiction, the implications of this development are profoundly disturbing, potentially paving the way for mass vaccination without individual consent. In this exposé, we delve deep into the unsettling world of the Air Vax, uncovering its implications, potential misuse, and the sinister agenda behind it.

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