December 8, 2023



Thirty sheep found dead with no eyes or brains as fears mythical ‘Goat-Sucker’ to blame

Mirror Co UK

By Hannah KaneAssistant News Editor
13:04, 1 Sep 2023

A mythical creature dubbed ‘The Goat-Sucker’ is feared to have killed 30 sheep.

All the woolly animals were missing their eyes and brains. They also all had tiny holes in their heads. The dead sheep were found on two separate farms.

The authorities are probing the mysterious deaths with it originally thought a puma was behind them. But now there is a concern a Goat-Sucker – real name Chupacabra – could be behind them.

They get their moniker because legend suggests they drink the blood of their victims. The sheep were killed in Ocobamba, Peru.

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