March 25, 2023



Transhumanist Wants to Hack Your Kids

IFA – Intercessors for America

By Angela Rodriguez, IFA Contributing Writer | January 17, 2023

If you thought transhumanism was a topic earmarked for adult minds, think again, because Yuval Noah Harari and his “husband,” Itzik Yahav, have found a creative way to present their beliefs to children. Through their global organization, Sapienship, they are developing stories and educational tools that tackle such controversial subjects as humankind’s kinship with apes, the evils of corporations, and the “fairy tales” of religion. Unstoppable Us: How Humans Took Over the World, is Harari’s first book for children. Released in October 2022, it’s just one volume of a four-part series that will explore the superpowers of humans and the myths they believe, as well as their fate on planet Earth.

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