December 8, 2023



Ukrainian sniper claims new world record after ‘picking off Russian soldier from 2.36 miles away using “Lord of the Horizon” gun’

Daily Mail News


PUBLISHED: 04:33 EST, 20 November 2023 | UPDATED: 08:58 EST, 20 November 2023

A Ukrainian sniper claims to be a world record holder after picking off a Russian soldier from 2.36 miles away with a custom rifle called ‘Lord of the Horizon’.

The unnamed soldier, who serves in Ukraine’s security service (SBU), reportedly managed to beat the previous record of 2.2 miles, made by a Canadian special operations sniper in Iraq in 2017.

Video reportedly shows the target falling several seconds after the SBU sniper took the shot.

A line of three stationary Russian soldiers quickly becomes a line of two as the bullet takes the soldier out at the unknown location.

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