December 8, 2023



Ancient carving depicting mysterious ‘tree of life’ near Sphinx found buried after 2,800 years in lost ‘center of power’

The US Sun

By Charlotte Edwards
Published: 12:19 ET, Nov 17 2023Updated: 12:23 ET, Nov 17 2023

AN ancient carved elephant tusk has been unearthed in Turkey after 2,800 years.

The rare artifact is etched with a drawing of a tree of life next to a sphinx and a lion, according to researchers.

According to the Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency, the tusk was found at what could have been an Iron Age “center of power.”

The archaeological site is called Hattusa and it’s located in modern-day Turkey.

Hattusa is thought to have been the Hittite capital thousands of years ago.

It was mysteriously left burned and abandoned, potentially due to conflict.