April 20, 2024



Never-before-seen ‘crystal-like matter’ hidden in a chunk of fossilized lightning is probably a brand new mineral

Live Science


April 14, 2023

A potentially brand new mineral may have been hiding inside a chunk of “fossilized lightning” from Florida, scientists have revealed. 

“We have never seen this material occur naturally on Earth,” Mathew Pasek, a geoscientist at the University of South Florida, said in a statement. “Minerals similar to it can be found in meteorites and space, but we’ve never seen this exact material anywhere.”

The fossilized lightning chunk, or fulgurite, was created when lightning struck a tree near New Port Richey. Fulgurites form when powerful lightning bolts discharge through the ground, which melts and fuses any nearby soil, sand, rock and organic debris into a singular metallic-looking lump. 

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